I believe that boudoir isn't just for your significant other. I believe that every woman deserves to feel like the Queen she is and to love herself in all ways. Shape, size, color - none of this matters! You are beautiful. You are perfect. You are a QUEEN.


I'm your new BFF. Okay, so I may not be yet, but I'm going to earn that title through your boudoir experience with me. I'm here to be your personal hype-woman and let you know just how beautiful you are. I'm a firm believer that your shape, size, color - whatever! - does NOT define your worth or beauty. I have an unhealthy obsession in conversing strictly in GIFs (just ask my husband) and I love meeting new people - I literally never meet a stranger.

Boudoir Photography is more than a job for me - it's a passion. I truly believe that every woman should leave feeling like the Queen she is. There's one thing I'm more passionate about than photography, and that's traveling and planning my next big adventure.

Hi, I'm Kayla


if you’re concerned about losing that 10 pounds or worried about those stretch marks or anything superficial, dont! just book the session and i promise you’ll come away from it feeling sexier than ever! kayla is such a hype girl and a genius with the camera, angles, and lighting. i did this for my fiancé at first but honestly, i’ll do it again for myself!